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Fossil Megaladon Shark Tooth


Megaladon Shark Tooth
Megaladon Shark Tooth Megaladon Shark Tooth Megaladon Shark Tooth Megaladon Shark Tooth Megaladon Shark Tooth

     This is a real Megaladon shark tooth for sale. Any thing that has been laying around for centuries will not be in perfect condition. But this is in great shape. We rate the condition of this tooth as Very Good. See photos

     This is a Megalodon tooth that was purchased at the Discovery Store in Atlanta Ga. before it closed in 2007. The silver/light enamel is in top condition as is the root and bourrelet. The serrations are super sharp and most everyone is intact. It measures 2.5" wide and 3.5" long. It is a beautiful tooth. In good condition. Megalodon: MEG-a-la-don: meaning "big tooth"- from Ancient Greek - megas "big, mighty" and (odo├║s), "tooth" In 2008, a joint research team from Australia and the U.S. used computer simulations to calculate Megalodon's biting power. The results can only be described as terrifying: whereas a modern Great White Shark chomps with about 1.8 tons of force (and a lion with a wimpy 600 pounds or so), Megalodon chowed down on its prey with a force of between 10.8 and 18.2 tons Unlike some marine predators of prehistoric times--which were restricted to the coastlines or inland rivers and lakes of certain continents--Megalodon had a truly global distribution, terrorizing whales in warm-water oceans all over the world. Megalodon disappears from the fossil record near the end of the first stage (Gelasian) of the of the Pleistocene 1.8 million years ago. This disappearance is marked by the steady decline in Megalodon fossils until they disappear completely. While there are a few theories as to why Megalodon went extinct it seems most likely that a sequence of changing events brought about its downfall rather than just one thing. The trigger event for the extinction of Megalodon seems to have been global cooling. To start, if Megalodon had a warm blooded metabolism through gigantothermy, then it would need a higher calorie intake than an entirely cold blooded creature of similar size. The colder the water the greater the difference, meaning that Megalodon would have needed an even greater amount of food to deal with the temperature reduction. Additionally gigantothermy is still no substitute for a true warm blooded metabolism and a shark in cooler waters would still have possibly been more sluggish than it would have been in warmer waters, something that would further impede its ability to hunt.

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