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Call our IT department at 208-354-0087
first you need to know about our staffs experience and education:

Our staff have worked for the following computer companies:
CFI Proservices (a banking Software Company), Concentrex (a financial software company), Harland Financial Solutions (the check people), Intel (The Chip Maker), PacSoft (a West Coast U.S. company that services Government contracts), Rentrack (a company that made video rental software and owned the Starter sports clothing brand), USN(United States Navy)/DOD(Department of Defense-design and programing supply inventory programs)

Our staff have attended or taught at the following schools:
Arizona University, Boston State College, Charleston Southern University(1 Undergraduate Degree), University of Chicago, Oregon Graduate Institute (2 Graduate Degrees), George Washington University (1 undergraduate Degree)

Do not get fooled by people that swear they can fix your software/hardware needs just because they have been typing at a key board for five years! Our staff has computer experience that goes back to 1975, in other words they have experience in working in the field all the way back to punch cards!

What can we do for you? We can do the following:
  1. Help you with Back ups and scheduling of back ups-Design a backup protocal that would minimize data loss in case of a disaster.
  2. Virus, Adware, PUP, Trojan, Maleware Removal
  3. Web site registration
  4. Web site Hosting
  5. Microsoft App Design and programming (we currently have staff working on offering Android and Apple App Design and Programming-this is coming shortly)
  6. Web Design and Programming
  7. Shopping cart integration with your Web Site
  8. Directly link your web site items for sale into paypal
  9. Computer optimization
  10. Computer repairs. When was the last time you took a TV to be repaired. PC's are getting like that. The cost to fix a PC/laptop is quickly becoming more expensive than the PC or laptop. We can tell you if what is broken on the PC/laptop is worth fixing. If it is not worth fixing we can implement our data recovery protocal and attempt to recover your lost data for you.
  11. Data Recovery
  12. Hard Drive upgrades
  13. Memory upgrades for your PC/Lap top
  14. We can also perform SEO (search engine optimization)-why be buried in the pack we can put you higher in the search queries (using Googles/Yahoos/Bings Web Master Tools). We can also assist your Web site with Link Backs this will help you achieve a better page rank in Searches
  15. Computer training from how to operate a pc to how to program using HTML 5 with java, in aspx
  16. The list goes on. Call us at 208-354-0087
We can help you setting up web pages for items that are for sale. Today programmers use what are called Rich Snippets. What is a Rich Snippet?
Rich snippets - Products From lets you mark up a much wider range of item types on your pages, using a vocabulary that Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! can all understand.
If you're a merchant, you can give the search engine detailed product information they can use to display rich snippets (for example, price, availability, and review ratings) right on our search results pages.
Rich snippets help you to:
  • Attract potential buyers while they are searching for items to buy when they are using a Search engine.
  • Submit your product listings for free to the search engines.
  • Control your product information. You can maintain the accuracy and freshness of your product information, so your customers find the relevant, current items they're looking for.
  • Have your products stand out from other items for sale
See Rich Snippets explanation
Also see Rich Snippets Classifications

Have your for sale items show up in search engines with product details like the below example
Rich Snippet search result example

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