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12-31-2015 On this date in 45 bce The Julian calendar takes effect for the first time
12-30-2015 On this date in 1924 Edwin Hubble formally announces existence of other galactic systems
12-29-2015 On this date in 1170 Assassination inside Canterbury Cathedral of Thomas Becket
12-28-2015 On tjhis date in 1065 Westminster Abbey consecrated
12-27-2015 On this date in Ontario & Quebec legislatures hold 1st meeting
12-26-2015 On this date in 1492 1st Spanish settlement La Navidad in New World founded
12-25-2015       MERRY CHRISTMAS
12-24-2015 On this date in 1814 end of US-Britain War of 1812
12-23-2015 On this date in 1907 1st all-steel passengar railroad coach completed
12-22-2015 On this date in 1989 Chad adopts its Constitution
12-21-2015 On this date in 1991 Soviet Union formally dissolves
12-20-2015 On this date in 1192 Richard the Lionhearted captured in Vienna
12-19-2015 On this date in 1950 The Dalai Lama flees Chinese invasion
12-18-2015 On this date in 218 BCE Second Punic War: Battle of the Trebia
12-17-2015 On this date in 1526 Pope Clemens VII publishes degree Cum ad zero - The Inquisition
12-16-2015 On this date in 1773 Boston tea party incident
12-15-2015 On this date in 1488 Bartolomeu Dias returns to Portugal 1st European to sail round Cape of Good Hope
12-14-2015 On this date in 1911 South Pole 1st reached, by Norwegian Roald Amundsen
12-13-2015 On this date in 1577 Sir Francis Drake sets sail from England to go around world
12-12-2015 On this date in 1858 1st Canadian coins circulated
12-11-2015 On this date in 1620 Mayflower pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock
12-10-2015 On this date in 1898 Spanish-American War formally ended by the Treaty of Paris
12-09-2015 On this date in 1854 Alfred Tennyson poem Charge of the Light Brigade published
12-08-2015 On this date in 1941 US & Britain declare war on Japan, US enters WW II
12-07-2015 On this date in 43 BCE Marcus Tullius Cicero (b. 106 BC), Roman orator and politician assassinated.
12-06-2015 On this date in 1631 1st predicted transit of Venus (Kepler) is observed
12-05-2015 On this date in 1360 The French Franc is created.
12-04-2015 On this date in 1534 Turkish sultan Suleiman occupies Baghdad
12-03-2015 On  this date in 1967 1st human heart transplant performed by Dr Christian Barnard
12-02-2015 On this date in 1804 Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned emperor of France
12-01-2015 On this date in 1955 Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to move to the back of bus
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