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02-29-2016 On this date in 45 BCE Julius Caesar implemented the first leap day on his Julian Calendar
02-28-2016 On this date in 202 BCE Coronation ceremony of Liu Bang as Emperor, Start of Han dynasty
02-27-2016 On this date in The First Gulf War ends
02-26-2016 On this date in 1848 Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels publish their Communist Manifesto
02-25-2016 On this date in 1910 Dalai Lama flees Tibet from Chinese troops
02-24-2016 On this date in 1582 Pope Gregory XIII announces New Style (Gregorian) calendar
02-23-2016 On this date in 1455 Johannes Gutenberg prints his first Bible
02-22-2016 On this date in 1797 The Last Invasion of Britain by the French, begins
02-21-2016 On this date in 1431 Joan of Arcs first day of interrogation
02-20-2016 On this date in 1673 1st recorded wine auction held (London)
02-19-2016 On this date in 1674 Netherlands & England sign Peace of Westminster
02-18-2016 On this date in 1885 Mark Twain publishes the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
02-17-2016 On this date in 1876 Sardines first canned
02-16-2016 On this date in 1959 Fidel Castro names himself Cubas premier
02-15-2016 On this date in 399 BCE Socrates is sentenced to death
02-14-2016 On this date in  1876 A G Bell & Elisha Gray apply separately for telephone patents
02-13-2016 On this date in 1566 St Augustine, Florida, founded
02-12-2016 On this date in 2013 North Korea confirms it has successfully tested a nuclear device
02-11-2016  On this date in 1990 Nelson Mandela released after 27 years imprisonment
02-10-2016 On this date in 1763 Treaty of Paris ends French-Indian War
02-09-2016 On this date in 1775 British Parliament declares Massachusetts colony is in rebellion
02-08-2016 On this date in 1915 D. W. Griffith's silent film The Birth of a Nation opens
02-07-2016 On this date in 1842 Battle of Debre Tabor
02-06-2016 On this date in 1778 France recognizes USA
02-05-2016 On this date in 1937 1st Charlie Chaplin talkie, Modern Times, released
02-04-2016 On this date in 1859 The Codex Sinaiticus is discovered in Egypt
02-03-2016 On this date in 1451 Sultan Mehmed II inherits the throne of the Ottoman Empire
02-02-2016 On this date in 1653 New Amsterdam becomes a city (later renamed New York)
02-01-2016 On this date in 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates during reentry
02-29-2016 On this date in 45 BCE Julius Caesar implemented the first leap day on his Julian Calendar
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