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07-01-2015 On this date in 70 Roman General Titus and his forces set up battering rams to assault the walls of Jerusalem
07-02-2015 On this date in 1823  Bahia Independence Day: the end of Portuguese rule in Brazil
07-03-2015 On this date in 324 Battle of Adrianople Roman Emperor Constantine I defeats Co-Emperor Licinius
07-04-2015 On this date in 1776 US Congress proclaims the Declaration of Independence and independence from Britain
07-05-2015 On this date in 1687 Isaac Newton's great work PRINCIPIA published
07-06-2015 On this date in 1885 Louis Pasteur successfully tests an anti-rabies vaccine
07-07-2015 On this date in 1456 A retrial verdict acquits Joan of Arc of heresy 25 years after her death
07-08-2015 On this date in 1099 First Crusade
07-09-2015 On this date in 2002 The African Union is established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
07-10-2015 On this date in 988 The city of Dublin is founded on the banks of the river Liffey.
07-11-2015 On this date in 1533 Pope Clement VII excommunicates England's King Henry VIII
07-12-2015 On this date in 1943 WWII: Battle of Prokhorovka
07-13-2015 On this date in 1174 William I of Scotland, key rebel in Revolt of 1173-1174, captured at Alnwick
07-14-2015 On this date in 1789 French Revolution begins with the fall of Bastille
07-15-2015 On this date in 1799 The Rosetta Stone is found
07-16-2016 On this date in 622 Muhammad begins flight from Mecca to Medina (Hijra)
07-17-2015 On this date in 1850 Harvard Observatory takes 1st photograph of a star (Vega)
07-18-2015 On this date in 64 Great Fire of Rome begins under the Emperor Nero
07-19-2015 On this date in 1545 King Henry VIII's flagship Mary Rose sinks at Portsmouth
07-20-2015 On this date in 1881 Sioux Indian Chief Sitting Bull, surrenders to US federal troops
07-21-2015 On this date in 1542 Pope Paul III begins inquisition against Protestants
07-22-2015 On this date in 1582 Willem of Orange moves from Antwerp to Delft
07-23-2015 On this date in 1829 William Austin Burt patents typographer (typewriter)
07-24-2015 In this date in 1534 Jacques Cartier lands in Canada, claims it for France
07-25-2015 On this date in 306 Constantine I is proclaimed Roman emperor
07-26-2015 On this date in 1848 1st Woman's Rights Convention
07-27-2015 On this date in 1976 8.2 Tangshan earthquake kills estimated 240,000 Chinese
07-28-2015 On this date in 2015 Roger Goodell upholds his decision to suspend Tom Brady for 4 games
07-30-2015 On this date in 2015 Tom Brady files his appeal in minn. federal court
07-30-2015 On this date in 2015 Minn. federal judge sends Tom Brady case to NY federal circuit
07-31-2015 On this date in 2015 Kensil and Vincent outed as the un-named NFL league sources of incorrect espn stories. Pats 51 Goodell 3
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