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Our hens are laying faster than we can collect all the beautiful brown and light brown eggs. Have you ever eaten a farm fresh egg? What is the difference between our local eggs and the mass produced kind you find at the supermarket? There are so many, I could write this forever. Aside from the fact that we have cage free hens, no antibiotics or hormones used in their feed, our eggs are the freshest you have probably ever eaten. When you crack open one of our eggs, you will most importantly notice the difference in taste. Fresh eggs are a treat. They have a great flavor, and perform much better in making meringues. Appearance of fresh eggs is also much different. The first thing you will notice is in the hardness of the shell. It takes a couple of tries to break it on the side of your frying pan. The second distinction is the color and consistency of the yolk. The mass produced egg you find in the supermarket is a pale light yellow slimy mess, while our hens produce a rich deep colored yolk that keeps it’s form. This is because we feed our hens with good nutrients and they produce fresh, natural eggs, collected the same day they are laid.

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     Another reason our eggs are so good, is our hens are cage free. They enjoy the forage and the occasional worm or two they find in the yard. Our hens come and go as they please, and at night have a safe place to sleep. Our hens are happy, go-lucky, only wanting to lay you a delicious egg. Another difference in our eggs is that they are so fresh, they do not float. Try this with a store bought egg, if you doubt me. Take that old white egg (or brown) you bought at a major supermarket chain, and try this comparison: place it in a bucket of water, and it will perform a deadman’s float. Why? Because it is incredibly old. That’s right. Old eggs float, fresh ones do not. Now ask yourself this, Do I feel hungry enough to eat a slimy old egg, or should I try some farm fresh egg from Celtic Creek Trading Company?Try our eggs, and you will see and taste the real value in eating fresh. If you are in the area of Teton Valley, Idaho, just drop in to our location at 1649 North Highway 33, Driggs, Idaho and pick up a dozen or two direct from us. Or, you can find our eggs at Victor Market in downtown Victor, Idaho. Whatever you decide, we can assure you that local eggs will be the healthiest, most delicious option for you and your family. Good eating to you!
     Celtic Creek Trading Post is located between Driggs and Tetonia on Highway 33. We are open year round and welcome your business. If you can't find what you are looking for on our website, shoot us an email! Maybe we can locate the item for you!
We also sell items on consignment. Leave all the work to us. We will sell your item for you and only charge you the low rate of 12% after on-line fees which are about 10%. For more information please visit our Consignment Page for Celtic Creek Trading Company Driggs Idaho

          Explore our website. Purchase our items. We accept PayPal. We also sell to locals, so if you are planning a trip to Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, or Grand Targhee please call of drop by.
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Celtic Creek Trading Company - CCTC
1649 N. Hwy. 33 Driggs, Id. 83422
phone iconTel:1-208-963-6925
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