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Welcome to America! With all the recent changes to U.S. Federal Immigration Law, along with the changes in Congress, and President Obama's signing his Executive Order to prevent parents of U.S. citizens from deportation; many people are a little confused as to how to proceed to become legal U.S. citizens. Let us help you! Out staff is fully credentialed to assist you in becoming a legal U.S. citizen! From assistance in filing your paperwork, to understanding English as a Second Language (for Adults), to studying for the Citizenship exam; we can make this time of uncertainty easier for you. We will soon be offering classes and legal assistance to all people wanting legal status, but are unsure as how to go forward. We are here to help you. Our professionals at Celtic Creek Immigration Resource Center are based in Teton Valley, Idaho and are local members of the valley. We can assist you in the following ways: 1) help you fill out the paperwork to help your status, 2) provide you with classes to take the Citizenship exam, and 3) provide you with English classes (for Adults).If you are interested, please contact us. Let the professionals at Celtic Creek. Org. Immigration Resource Center assist you today. Classes forming soon, so contact us at to register, now, or to receive more information. See you there! All classed subject to a minimum of ten people, so tell your friends. We can't wait to hear from you!

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Let the Geeks at Celtic Creek Trading Company take care of your computing needs. We can set-up wirless networks, program any scripts/web pages that you may need. We can register domains and set up your hosting for your own personal and/or business web site, We can also perform SEO (search engine optimization)-why be buried in the pack we can put you higher in the search queries (using Googles/Yahoos/Bings Web Master Tools). We can remove virus', trojans, bombs, adware, PUP (potentially unwanted programs) and even maleware! A virus removal tool is designed for viruses and does not target PUPs, Adware, or Maleware (it may catch one here and there but they are not designed to detect these unwanted programs! These unwanted programs often evade detection by virus removal programs. We can also set up your web site with a shopping cart so your customers can order and purchase products on your web site. Facebook is nice but any company, today, needs their own web presence! Click the Computer Services button above to find out more.

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