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Song Name: You can take this job and shove it Length: 2 Minutes 0 Seconds

Artist: Johnny Paycheck - From the Album: You can take this job and shove it
You can take this job and shove it album art
Year Released: 1977
Rating: the more stars the bettertwo starsthree starsfour starsfive stars Excellent songNumber of Plays: 78Last Played 7/21/2019 8:25:54 PM
Take this job and shove it I ain # t workin # here no more
My woman done left and took all the reason I was working for
Ya, better not try and stand in my way
Cause I # m walkin # , out the door
Take this job and shove it I ain # t working here no more

Well, I been working in this factory for now on fifteen years
All this time, I watched my woman drownin # in a pool of tears
And I # ve seen a lot of good folks die who had a lot of bills to pay
I # d give the shirt right off of my back if I had the guts to say...


The foreman, he # s a regular dog the line boss, he # s a fool
Got a brand new flat top haircut Lord, he thinks he # s cool
One of these days I # m gonna blow my top and that sucker, he # s gonna pay
I can # t wait to see their faces when I get the nerve to say...


Take this job and shove it

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