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Song Name: Tight Fittin Jeans Length: 2 Minutes 49 Seconds

Artist: Conway TwittyFrom the Album: Mr. T
Mr. T album art
Year Released: 1981
Rating: the more stars the bettertwo starsthree starsfour starsfive stars Excellent songNumber of Plays: 292Last Played 7/21/2019 8:50:37 PM
She tried to hide it by the faded denim clothes she wore
But I knew she # d never been inside a bar before
And I felt like a peasant who just had met a queen
And she knew I saw right through her tight fittin # jeans

I ask her what # s a woman like you doin # here
I see you # re use to champagne but I # ll buy you a beer
She said you # ve got me figured out but I # m not what I seem
And for a dance I # ll tell you # bout these tight fittin # jeans

She said I married money, I # m use to wearin # pearls
But I # ve always dreamed of bein # just a good ol # boys girl
So tonight I left those crystal candle lights to live a dream
And partner, there # s a tiger in these tight fittin # jeans

We danced every dance and Lord the beer that we went through
I # m satisfied I did my best to make her dream come true
As she played out her fantasy before my eyes it seemed
A cowgirl came alive inside those tight fittin # jeans

In my mind she # s still a lady that # s all I # m gonna say
I knew that I # d been broken by the time we parted way
And I know I held more woman than most eyes have ever seen
That night I knew a lady wearin # tight fittin # jeans

Well now she # s back in her world and I # m still stuck in mine
But I know I # ll always remember the time
A cowboy once had a millionaire # s dream
And Lord I love that lady wearin # tight fittin # jeans

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