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Song Name: Jade Length: 5 Minutes 17 Seconds

Artist: X JAPANFrom the Album: Jade
Jade album art
Year Released: 2011
Rating: the more stars the bettertwo starsthree starsfour starsfive stars Excellent songNumber of Plays: 432Last Played 8/18/2019 6:12:26 PM
Walk through the light to find the shadow,
Til' your gods stall you from the edge,
Sunk in the thought, the feel, the distance,
Was it your secret?
Stop holding your fear, let memory live and die alone.
No need to be there, let your desire scream,

Til' you feel alive.
'Cause you are beautiful,
Your scars are beautiful,
Like the jade.
You'll still shine, when you sink into the sea,
When the bleeding scarlet jealousy, carves the way you believe.

Brink of the light, the wings of the night,
Look into the eyes of fallen angels,
Sink like a stone into the dark,
Where no light can touch.
Will god break my fall?
I feel the mystery, tries to take me along,
To the end of the world, where I still believe,
The colour is from your eyes.

'Cause you were beautiful,
Your blood was beautiful, yesterday,
I still hide at the seam of memories,
Oh, I still hold my rosary, beneath the pain of life.
Where the tears, when the bloody face of love, they take away the stain,
Know that the stars of the sky,
Glow in the ocean,
The art of life,
Makes me wanna die in the colour of heaven.

Oh, another day has gone,
Another friend has gone into the flame,
It's burning now, jibun de kirisaita mune no kizuato sae birei ni naru made.

Oh, 'cause you are beautiful,
Your scars are beautiful, like the jade,
You'll still shine, when you sink into the sea,
When the bleeding scarlet jealously carves the way you believe,
Now and forever, you'll be loved,
Let your destiny lead your heart
My jade

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