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Song Name: Pawn Shop Blues Length: 2 Minutes 35 Seconds

Artist: Sonny Terry and Brownie McgheeFrom the Album: Sing The Blues
Sing The Blues album art
Year Released: 1959
Rating: the more stars the bettertwo starsthree starsfour starsfive stars Excellent songNumber of Plays: 464Last Played 7/15/2019 3:18:49 AM
Well, I'm walkin' down the street this mornin',
Hear someone call my name and I could not stop,
(hey, hey)
Someone called me and I could not stop,
Well, boys, you know Brownie was broke and
On my way to that old pawnshop.
Well, I went to the pawnshop, had my last suit
in my hand,
Yes, I went to the pawnshop,
Had my last suit of clothes in my hand,
I said, "Won't you give me a loan?
Try to help me, Mister Pawnshop Man. "
Well, I went to the pawnshop,
Went down to pawn my radio,
Went down to pawn my radio,
Well, the man said, "Brownie, you aint got a
T. V. -
We don't take radios in no more. "
(Kinda worried me a little bit. )
Well, I went to the pawnshop,
'Cause the man had come and took my car,
You know I had lost my job, man, that car-man
took my car.
Well, I'm gOin' to the pawnshop in the mornin'
See if I can pawn myoid guitar.
(Play it one time before you sell it, boy)
I asked the pawnshop man
What was those three balls doin' on the wall,
(hey, hey).
What was those three balls doin' on the wall.
"Well, I bet you two to one, buddy,
You won't get your stuff out 0' here at all. "

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