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Date of Review:11/17/2016
Ranked 6th out of 17 Restaurants 

Bangkok Kitchen Thai Food

220 N Main St
Driggs, Idaho
Ph (208) 354-6666
Hours of Operation:
Mon-Sat: 11:00 am - 9:30 pm
Sun 4:30 pm - 9:30 pm 
Located in downtown Driggs, Idaho in the heart of Teton Valley, Idaho, this restaurant is a treasure. The food was great, even from the lunch menu, and the service was great. The prices on the lunch menu were low, but the quality of the food was not. The entrees we purchased were fresh, uncommon for a lunch menu, and delicious. We ordered three entrees and one appetizer, each not costing over nine dollars. 
FOOD:the more stars the betterthe more stars the betterthe more stars the betterthe more stars the better   I give the food four stars for freshness, seasoned to our taste, and cooked while we waited. The quality of the food and sauces was perfect. We ordered sweet and sour chicken, sweet and sour pork, orange chicken, and crab ragoon as appetizers. They also serve a good selection of beer, and wines. They also let you choose what type of rice you would like. We had the fried rice and white. They also have a vegetarian menu. In addition, they ask you how spicy you would like your order. Being a bit of a chicken, I choose mild. It was neither too hot, nor too bland. Perfect.
Price:cost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheaper   Very reasonable. For the lunch menu, each entrée was priced at nine dollars until 3 pm. We got there at ten minutes to three, and they never blinked an eye at serving off the lunch menu. The food was terrific.
Ambience:the more stars the betterthe more stars the better   The ambience inside was great. The outside façade of the building is not as nice, being a green building next to the police station. That could be offsetting to the criminally minded, but for us regular people, is not a problem. The fact that we noticed a couple of deputies eating there was also a plus for the place
Service:the more stars the betterthe more stars the betterthe more stars the betterthe more stars the better   Great service and a very nice waiter. Could not ask for better service, prompt, but not pushy.

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