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Date of Review:7/29/2018
Ranked 18th out of 17 Restaurants 

Yeti's Post
Yeti's Post review by Celtic Creek Trading Com 07-29-2018

The Yeti's Post
98 E. Little Ave.
Driggs, ID 83422
Stopped by on a Sunday morning for breakfast. We ordered 6 donuts and 2 breakfast sandwiches (The Original). The donuts ranged in price from one dollar to three dollars each. The breakfast sandwiches cost eight dollars apiece, and coffee cost almost five dollars for 2 small coffees. 
FOOD:the more stars the better   Disappointing to say the least. The donuts were very small, coated in grease, and had strange toppings (i.e. one had broken potato chips and pretzels on top of chocolate) They were so greasy, the box had 6 big grease spots.
Yeti post donuts
Yeti post donuts
Yeti post donuts
Yeti post donuts
Yeti post donuts

The breakfast sandwiches were even more greasy. The "toasted" bun was fried in oil, and not properly drained after cooking. The contents were overly salty and HARD to eat.
Price:cost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheaper   The price of donuts ranges from one dollar to three dollars each. The six we picked cost twelve dollars. The small breakfast sandwiches cost eight dollars apiece with no sides.
Ambience:the more stars the better   The inside of Yeti's Post was unremarkable, slightly dirty from other customers. The staff had all the windows and doors open creating problems for diners. Items blew around and what little ac they may have hade was over powered by the wind.
Service:the more stars the better   Service was fair, but they were a little slow bringing the food. The donut prices are not marked, so it was a guessing game as to the cost, per donut. Coffee was served with out cream, milk, or sweetener. When asked, the wait person had to show you where to go, and she had to fill up the cream container. They offered no napkins for the customer, and again, we had to go looking for them. And finally, we know Yeti's Post is not from San Francisco, because they did bring us HUGE plastic straws.
In closing, Yeti's could become a great spot for Sunday morning breakfast, but they need to work on the quality of their food and efficiency of their staff (a receipt for the six donuts, and two small breakfast sandwiches that cost $28.00 would have been nice).

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