Restaurant Review

Date of Review:7/19/2013
Ranked 17th out of 17 Restaurants 


6299 N Main Street
Tetonia, ID 83452
(208) 456-2202

Hours of Operation:
Tue-Sun 8 am - 9 pm

Winner of My “Broken Spatula” award for terrible food, lousy service, and way overpriced for what they serve.
This restaurant has earned the dubious distinction of being the very worst place this reviewer has eaten at since beginning these reviews. Hence the “Broken Spatula “ award. My warning to all traveling folks is to avoid stopping here, no matter how weary or how much the kids are acting up. Be aware, folks. The North End Bar and Grill, located on the main road (Highway 33) in Tetonia, Idaho is up for sale. The old ownership had great food, and really cared about their quality and service. What a difference a few months can make. The people running this place until it is sold, would better serve the community by simply closing the doors until a competent chef and wait staff could be hired by the future owners. To say the food was terrible would not get me sued as truth is always a defense to slander. We ordered the Buffalo Burger and Quesadillas (with shrimp). For an appetizer, we selected the Fried Combo (to include mozzarella sticks, mushrooms, and zucchini). This is usually where I dive right in telling you about the food, but in this case; let me tell you what happened as soon as we walked into this restaurant. We were the only customers in the restaurant, and that should have set off a few alarms. The last time we ate here, the place was packed with people in the dead of mud season, so no customers should have warned me that something was dreadfully amiss. Here, in July, on a hot summer day, no one was inside this place, even though it was air conditioned. Heck, more people were in the hardware store taking refuge from our Idaho summer, than in this formally popular restaurant. What did they all know that we did not? We were met at the door by a waitress with a bit too much Red Bull in her system. Before we could even take our seats, she demanded our drink orders. To make it worse, we had no menus, yet. We got our seats, and then it was sloppy service and bad food from there on in. The fried combo was left too long in the deep fat fryer. The Buffalo Burger was tragic that an animal was used to make this shoe leather patty. Around Teton Valley, any cook worth their salt should be able to cook this local favorite. The burger was as dry as the Arco desert, and had no seasoning either. My Quesadilla was made with a cheap cheese substitute that overpowered any chance of flavor, and cooked in the same fat fryer. I could only find the remnants of 1 lone shrimp (the tiny ones). My husband ordered a bottle of beer, and that was the only item he liked, except for the French fries. I thought they were too chewy and the sauce was off taste. I ordered a drink that was supposed to be a Marguerita, but unlike any I ever tasted. I think they used lime concentrate, but the taste was way off. I actually had ordered a strawberry flavor, but the waitress said this was the way her boss told her to make them. All in all, the food was so bad, we couldn’t eat it and left. We didn’t dare risk our dog’s health by bringing him home any leftovers. It was so bad, that we had to stop at the local gas station and buy the fixings for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We both remarked how sad it was that we had spent our hard earned money on this terrible experience. 
FOOD:avoid they won the broken spatula award!   Broken Spatula-need I say more!
Price:cost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheaper   These Prices belong in the Are You Kidding category!! We spent $45 dollars for this experience, and needed another $10 dollars to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Ambience:the more stars the better   1 star for having air conditioning
Service:the more stars the better   1 star for effort of having a job

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