Restaurant Review

Date of Review:7/12/2013
Ranked 16th out of 17 Restaurants 


240 South Main St.
Driggs, ID 83422
(208) 354-2350

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Sat 7am-11pm 
Broulim’s Supermarket Snack bar , located in downtown Driggs, Idaho (the heart of Teton County, Idaho) serves up mostly sandwiches and food from their deli. The food is primarily fried and the patron gets to eat upstairs where there is a dedicated space overlooking the store. There are also tables and chairs downstairs, but are very limited in number (useful for handicap access or for those who prefer not to climb stairs). The quality of food is fair, but pricey. Broulim’s is notorious in the valley for price gouging local customers in the mistaken belief that they should charge “resort prices”, well in excess of comparable products in their other stores. The store has been known to jack up prices, depending on the season. In the summer, hamburger, sausage, and other cook- out fare run at least 1-2 dollars per pound more than what you pay for instance at their Rexburg or Idaho Falls locations. Same holds true for cold cuts, bread, produce, and even milk. This is the only store I have ever shopped at that charges more for whole milk than reduced fat. They also are notorious for charging more for everyday items than most of the convenience stores around. We ordered the chicken pieces, and barbecue ribs. The ribs were overcooked, and the chicken was dry. The coleslaw was skimpy with dressing so came across as lacking. We served ourselves. The prices were high. One look at the meat counter revealed steak with dark colored bones (which indicates age) and the price of hamburger raw was $4.38 per pound for the “cheap” stuff. T-Bones were $14.99 per pound with the dark bones. We didn’t buy any steak or hamburger here, instead opting for the Victor market, 8 miles away. This little store sold fresh T-Bone for $11.99 per pound and it looked great. Their fresh hamburger was only $3.49 per pound. Back to Broulim’s. If you are terribly hungry, the food won’t kill you. But, if you take the time and head down the street, you would be better off heading to a local hamburger place or across the mountain to Smith’s in Jackson, Wyoming. It definitely does not pay to shop local at this store. 
FOOD:the more stars the betterthe more stars the better   It is pre-cooked, so it depends on what time of the day you are eating.
Price:cost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheaper   Another eatery that deserves being highlighted in the Are You Kidding category!!
Ambience:the more stars the betterthe more stars the better   2 stars for having air conditioning, and a designated place to sit and relax.
Service:the more stars the betterthe more stars the betterthe more stars the better   The staff is friendly and helpful

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