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Date of Review:6/1/2015
Ranked 17th out of 17 Restaurants 

Big Hole Barbecue

22 West Center Street
Victor, Idaho 83455
(208) 270-9919
Hours of Operation:
Mon-Sat 11:30am-9pm
We visited this place yesterday, on a beautiful, sunny day in the valley. I was homesick for barbecue. I should have stayed home and made my own. First, they only make barbecue after 5pm, which is strange, considering the name of this place. Secondly, they are not very good cooks. The coleslaw was not tasty, nor was the pasta salad. The menu offerings are very pricey, and the quality is poor. I cannot speak of their barbecue, as they did not have any. Very disappointing. Add to that the fact that the management tries to nickel and dime their patrons to death. It cost me extra to receive take out, which is absurd for a small hole-in –the wall restaurant. The entire place can only seat a few people. Making extra money on the side dishes is also questionable. Their mac and cheese side is $3.00 dollars extra, no matter what. I felt taken advantage of buying lunch here. We ordered Kobe Beef Sliders and a Beef Brisket sandwich. The brisket sandwich cost $10.25 and the Sliders cost $10.00 dollars. The brisket was flavorless, no spices, and came with a pasta salad; also flavorless, placed on some cheap store bought roll. It was advertised as a toasted ‘brioche bun’ but looked remarkably similar to the Hawaiian rolls noted below. This cook needs to learn how to cook and how to flavor the food. The other issues are listed below. My review: stay away and spend your money elsewhere! Try Victor Market next door for your beef, brisket, and side dishes. They know how to cook. 
FOOD:the more stars the better   The entire meal lacked a good taste or flavor (no/limited spices). The buns were soggy, the Kobe Beef Sliders were horribly overcooked ( you could not easily tell there was any Kobe beef or cheese ). The waitress never asked what type of cheese I wanted, nor did she ask how I wanted the beef cooked. The Kobe beef was so well done you could not see the cheese because it just melted into the blackened beef. It was also very dried out. Maybe that’s why they decided to drown the beef in coleslaw. This hamburger / slider was then placed on 3 Hawaiian rolls that were not cut, just laying there absorbing liquid. The liquid came from the coleslaw they covered the so called Kobe beef with on the rolls. Disgusting and messy. Usually your side of coleslaw is placed on the side, not on top of dried, blackened hamburger. They also do not serve Barbecue Ribs until after 5pm. What? No barbecue for a place called Big Hole Barbecue until after 5 ?
Price:cost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheapercost the less dollar symbols the cheaper   It cost over $27.00 dollars for two sandwiches that were very poorly cooked and seasoned, and oh, yes, they charge a $1 dollar fee for take out. Why? That $27.00 dollars did not include any drinks
Ambience:the more stars the better   They did have a small outside seating area that would have been nice, but the management ruined the ambience with large signs covering their flower pots exhorting the clientele not to place trash in the planters. Less signs and more flowers would have made the spot nice to gaze at the natural scenery
Service:the more stars the betterthe more stars the better   The server seemed nice, but this was overshadowed by the lack of asking me how I wanted the Kobe beef cooked. As I never had Kobe beef before, I was looking forward to a real treat. Instead I had to try and eat a very tough, dried out piece of hamburger. If it was indicative of Kobe beef, I would rather spend my money buying the same thing at the supermarket, for a lot less. I should have just walked over to Victor Market. For a lot less money, I could have had an enjoyable meal, and a refreshing drink or two. Oh well, next time

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