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Guide to building your very own elk/deer antler chandelier

Guide to building your very own elk/deer antler chandelier CCTC Driggs Idaho
Run the wires through the antlers by using a long drill bit and carefully guiding it through the middle of the antler. Where there is a bend in the antlers drill from both sides and if needed drill through the antler and later patch it with some epoxy. The epoxy should match the natural color of the antler. The companies that produce these type of lamps use drill presses and lazers to guide the drill bits.
The wires are pulled through the antlers using a thin piece of wire with a hook attached to the end.
The antlers are assembled using posts made from heavy guage wire (1/8 inch or thicker) that is welded to a ring that forms the base. The light sockets are placed into this base. The antlers are epoxied onto the posts using regular two part epoxy. Chandalliers are assembled on to the base that you have made from the same heavy guage wire and then the lights are placed at the ends of the antlers.
You can purchase anything you will need at your local hardware store.
Some of these items include. Long drill bits, epoxy, all thread, sockets, wire, chain, etc.
Use your imagination when building these chandeliers. Some of what I thought were my worst screwups, people loved. Let your imagination drive this proect!

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