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CCTC teton valley idaho banner Grade of 'F' for running a computer scam site that violates US Federal Law is not a search engine. They are deceptive and use illegal business practices to masquerade as a search engine. WHAT GOOGLE HAS BECOME IS A ADWARE SITE THAT IS OWNED BY A NEW COMPANY CALLED ALPHABET!!!

Google has earned the distinction of being added to our list of sites that need to be removed from the internet
They have earned a 'F' for running a illegal computer scam
has decided that yes they will play a long with the justice department and "Google" will play a long with The Resctrictions that Google agreed to when negotiating with The U.S DOJ! So late in 2015 Google founders Page and Brin opened up a company called Alphabet/ Alphabet is designed to collect large enterprise type companies and protect all of the clicks, links etc for these companies so long as they generously advertise on google
For the rest of the companies in the world Google set up a complex algorith that they pretend gives the "CORRECT" view of what your website data is doing. In other words your actual clicks and unique visitors etc. This is deceptive, a lie, and illegal. CCTC is willing to SUE google over this misrepresentation of facts. The numerous google algorithms are in fact designed to lower the value of websites that have not been incorporated into the google ALPHABET umbrella!!! What happens to all that lost value? Simple it is passed on to the companies being protected by alphabet. This violated U.S. Federal law (Sherman Anti-trust act, SEC rules, regulations, and laws, as well as violating FTC rules). CCTC feels that Page and Brin need to do the perp walk!!!
CCTC driggs idaho graphic of google perp walk
Google does attack such as removing 99.5% of our backlinks when we had the audacity to complain about their business practices, they also removed us from their adware program and accused us of deception, what a joke these twits are, they latter came up with a lame excuse that we did not have a return policy even though it is clearly on every page whereever a customer can buy a product on our website!!!
They also blocked our ip address from using google, claiming we had a automated query running, this again was another lie by google. Our computers are totally locked down. Nothing runs unless we know it and we had no automated processes running at this time. We are a small company that has outstanding computer support: such as our employees have worked for CFI, Rentrac, Intel, DOJ, Pacsoft, Concentrex. Google and their scam will be exposed!
CCTC driggs idaho graphic of google running a scam
Correspondence with United Stqates Department of justice (DOJ)
Thank you for your e-mail Marie. The matters you discuss regarding data manipulation/fraud could be raised with the Federal Trade Commission,, or, if you believe they are criminal, with your local FBI office. Your issues regarding securities law can be directed to the Securities and Exchange Commission,
Yours truly,
DOJ employee name removed by CCTC
From: Gary [mailto:gharkins@removed]
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2016 1:04 PM
To: DOJ employee name removed by CCTC
Subject: Google
Dear removed,
My name is Marie Harkins, Esq. I am the owner of Celtic Creek Trading Company. Mr. Harkins recently wrote to you concerning the technical aspects of what Google is doing, as stated below. I am concerned about those issues, as well, but in addition, there are some problems with data manipulation that appears to violate securities law, complete with fraud. As you are likely aware, Google recently changed its name to Alphabet, Inc., located in Mountain View, Ca. According to filings with the SEC, the new entity garners most of their revenue by ads. Alphabet (Google) increased their revenue astronomically within the past year, mostly from their ads and ad-ware share partners. For example, if you wanted to increase your website visibility, potentially gaining more visibility on-line, you could sign up and pay the partners a sum of $149.00 per month, and these partners will help ensure good visibility by using links, unique visitors, and page rankings to boost your business on the internet. If you are unable to purchase their services or hire your own programmer, and do it yourself, then they systematically take away items that help the smaller businesses in their rankings through Alexa (owned by Amazon); one of Google’s main partners in rankings. Sound confusing? Well, it is done deliberately. The data manipulation comes in to play because they skew the analytics with removal of links, unique visitors, shares, likes, and clicks. This makes the small business website lose value that is real. So what, you may ask. Consider this analogy; if you owned a house that was worth 1 million dollars, and someone deliberately misled the community about the value of your home by changing the number of bedrooms and bathrooms it contained, would you not have recourse against the fraud? Of course, you would. A business website has value, as well as any business asset. Our value is estimated at $1100.00 at this writing, but can fluctuate at any given moment, depending on how many links, unique viewers, clicks, likes on Facebook, Twitter, etc., When the Google / partner removes unique visitors, clicks, links, shares that accumulate from the small business website, they take real value away. Why is this not fraud, theft, and data manipulation? Alphabet (Google) is manipulating data to support its advertising partners. Why is a publicly traded company allowed to do this to boost its ad revenue and take real money out of the pocket of the small business owner? We have collected proof that this occurs through other analytical sites that show the true numbers our website generates. Why does Google get to misalign companies that are trying to compete in a global community? If the Department of Justice is not the right organization to look into this, who is? Please look into this, or steer me in the right direction. You also might want to take notice of the investigation the EU is undertaking of Google, as well, Something is rotten in the state of Denmark (MacBeth). Thank you.
Marie Harkins
-----Original Message-----
From: removed []Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2016 1:22 PM
To: Gary
Subject: RE: Google conspiracy that unreasonably restrains interstate and foreign trade
Mr. Harkins,
Thank you for your e-mail regarding certain business practices by Google and other firms. While I understand your concern that this conduct has adversely affected your business, at this time we do not see a basis to investigate under the antitrust laws, especially since the FTC conducted a wide-ranging review of Google’s search practices a couple years ago. See We appreciate your interest in the enforcement of the antitrust laws.
Yours truly,
U.S. Dept. of Justice, Antitrust Division
450 5th St, NW, 7th Floor
Washington, DC 20530
From: Gary []
Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2016 2:02 PM
To: ATR-OPS Citizen Complaint Center
Subject: Google conspiracy that unreasonably restrains interstate and foreign trade
This Act outlaws all contracts, combinations, and conspiracies that unreasonably restrain interstate and foreign trade. This includes agreements among competitors to fix prices, rig bids, and allocate customers, which are punishable as criminal felonies.
Google has decided to create an algorithm and procedures that unfairly targets small business owners. They are working in conjunction with Facebook, Twitter, Alexa (owned by Amazon). This conspiracy involves not allowing a small business owner any capability of getting their web site viewed on the web.
Google started the following programs to limit small business owners their proper web share:
1. The Page Rank system. Google ranks Web pages from 0 to 9. This appears to be s arbitrary ranking that is freely given to larger web sites but is impossible for a small web site to get above a zero. The algorithm is not public.
From wikipedia:
"PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. PageRank was named after Larry Page,[1] one of the founders of Google. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages. According to Google"
2. Domain Age algorithm
3. Keyword Appears in Top Level Domain
4. Keyword As First Word in Domain
5. Domain registration length
6. Keyword in Sub domain Name
7. Domain History
8. Exact Match Domain
9. Public vs. Private WhoIs
10. Penalized WhoIs Owner
11. Country TLD extension
12. Keyword in Title Tag
13. Title Tag Starts with Keyword
14. Keyword in Description Tag
15. Keyword Appears in H1 Tag
16. Keyword is Most Frequently Used Phrase in Document
17. Content Length
18. Keyword Density
19. Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in Content (LSI)
20. LSI Keywords in Title and Description Tags
21. Page Loading Speed via HTML
22. Duplicate Content
23. Rel=Canonical
24. Page Loading Speed via Chrome
25. Image Optimization
26. Recency of Content Updates
27. Magnitude of Content Updates
28. Historical Updates Page Updates
29. Keyword Prominence
30. Keyword in H2, H3 Tags
31. Keyword Word Order
32. Outbound Link Quality
33. Outbound Link Theme
34. Grammar and Spelling
35. Syndicated Content
36. Helpful Supplementary Content
37. Number of Outbound Links
38. Multimedia
39. Number of Internal Links Pointing to Page
40. Quality of Internal Links Pointing to Page
41. Broken Links
42. Reading Level
43. Affiliate Links
44. HTML errors/W3C validation
45. Page Host’s Domain Authority
46. Page’s PageRank
47. URL Length
48. URL Path
49. Human Editors
50. Page Category
51. WordPress Tags
52. Keyword in URL
53. URL String
54. References and Sources
55. Bullets and Numbered Lists
56. Priority of Page in Sitemap
57. Too Many Outbound Links
58. Quantity of Other Keywords Page Ranks For
59. Page Age
60. User Friendly Layout
61. Parked Domains
62. Useful Content

This is Mind boggling, if you are a small business owner. I could go over each one of these items but I’m sure you do not feel like reading for three or four days. Let us just look at a couple. Take a innocuous algorithm such as spelling and grammar. Sounds reasonable till you think of how many eyes a large company will have looking at the web page compared to a small business owner. So who is more likely to have a grammatical error. Each one of these algorithms places the small business owner at a disadvantage and impacts the small website disproportionately!
Here is my own experience. Celtic Creek Trading Company is the largest producer of Farm Fresh eggs in Teton Valley Idaho. The person who runs our website has more than one graduate degree in the field of computer sciences. They have worked for Intel, Pacsoft, CFI Proservices, Rentrac. They even turned down a recruitment effort by Microsoft. So they know the field (that is me). If you do a look up for "Farm fresh eggs Teton valley Idaho" your get six or seven pages from a large company, not located in the valley called agrilicious. Our company the largest producer of farm fresh eggs is ranked a lot lower even though the valley residents call us the "egg house". What happened was after a three month effort of working 60 hour plus work weeks for three solid months our alexa ranked went from 20 millions to just under four millionth ranke US web site Google and their conspirators ran their "SMALL BUSINESS WEBSITE THREAT" algorithm, and knocked us back to oblivion.
Inbound links are discounted enmasse. Facebook likes go away for no reason. Tweets are ignored. This all is being directed by google and their partners.
In one month we had close to 400 inbound links. Over night Google removed 300 of these links They only counted 400 links, on the web we have thousands of inbound links. From the 400 counted links we dropped down to 160 inbound links. We managed to get the links up to 169 links and then google decided to remove another 100 inbound links. No explanation given. This severely effects any website search engine placement. Google has never taken away 87% of a large websites inbound links within 1 week (in all google only counts 0.5% of our links). These algorithms are designed so that google and their partners may maintain their dominance over the internet.
The same week Facebook took away every like our webpage had! We only had 38 likes but we went down to zero. Some of these likes were from my wife and me. So tell me can’t my wife and I like our own web page? It is ridiculous. Alexa did the same thing We started out ranking around 20 millionth in the US. After months of work we got our website to just under 4 millionth rank in The US. This same week We lost links and likes I woke up one day and our ranking jumped to 10 millionth. Here is the issue Alexa ranks websites by page visits. Our page visits did not decrease in matter of fact they stayed the same even though we were taking hits from google, facebook, and twitter. I seriously doubt that 6 million web sites were created over night in The US!!! I do not know how a small website owner with out resources that we have can deal with this treatment. Well most of them in this valley open up a facebook page for their business!!! This costs us money our website was valued at siteprice at $1,600.00 in this week wedropped to $400.00! Let alone the cost of customer eyes not seeing our website and what we had to offer them! Small business owners desperately need your help in this matter.

If you have any questions please call me at 208.963.6925

Gary Harkins
CIO Celtic Creek Trading Company

Gary Harkins
CIO Celtic Creek Trading Company
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*Note from CCTC: If google deceptive algorithms drive down the value of your business website then by all means send them as many emails as necessary for google to stop this illegal practice. The emails listed above are read by a live person. If you put in the front of your email the following "Hay google I know you read these emails so do not bother sending back a phony auto-responder" then google does not send back the phoney auto-responder. Interesting? reserves the right to modify these terms at any time.
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