Custom Hand-made picnic Table
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Handmade, custom picnic tables made to your order! Choose your specifications Offered in 8 foot or 10 foot lengths. Made from 100 percent U.S. wood. The Douglas Fir is a sustainable lumber from Idaho forests and used for sturdy construction. The Red wood lumber is harvested from sustainable forests and is known for it's deep distinctive grains and is commonly used in outdoor furniture.
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Every table recieves 6 coats of polyurethane for weatherproofing-Polyurethane finish is a brushable liquid that takes a relatively long time to make ready for another coat. Since polyurethane is a plastic, each layer is independent of the next -- they do not melt into one another as lacquers do. This means you must sand dry layers of polyurethane to assure adhesion of the next layer between coats. Ordinarily it will take 24 hours between applications.

Once dry, polyurethane produces the hardest, most durable finish in the wood-finishing industry and is used almost exclusively to treat the surfaces of wood that will be heavily used/exposed to the elements. Very rarely will you see wood floors finished in anything else but polyurethane, due to its durability.
Custom Hand-made picnic Table Item #2
Custom Hand-made picnic Table Item #2
Custom Hand-made picnic Table Item #2
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   Comes in either Idaho Douglas Fir or Sustainable Red Wood Can order in either a 8 or 10 foot length
The width of the table is five feet (table top width is 34 inches).
The table top height is 33 inches. It takes two to four weeks to make and then ship this product. Remember this is a hand made item.
8 ft Idaho Douglas Fir $350.00  
10 ft Idaho Douglas Fir $450.00  
8 ft Sustainable Red Wood $500.00  
10 foot Sustainable Red Wood $650.00  *
Pick up your handmade, custom picnic table or arrange for delivery. Our Picnic tables are made in Teton Valley Idaho. All work is done on site. Let us know your specifications. Choose your length and wood!
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*Because of the size and weight of this item some shipping restrictioons apply. If you live in Eastern Idaho or Western Wyoming we may be able to ship directly to your location. If you live out side this region or if you live in Eastern Idaho/Western Wyoming please contact us at (208)963-6925 so that we can arrange shipping

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