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A web directory commonly known as 'Listing Directory' mainly categorizes the websites' links. What sets our Directory apart is that we are building the "Worlds Largest" directory for South East Idaho and Western Wyoming (1741 listings to date). We list the websites according to their category and sub category. The main purpose of our web directory is to provide the websites an opportunity to promote themselves on the world wide web. Search engines have implemented Search Engine Optimization protocals. Google, Bing, Yahoo etal are now ranking web sites based on numerous factors including Backlinks. Without a full time IT department the web sites owners are at a distinct disadvantage. This leaves numerous web site owners in small rural communities struggling to be properly placed by the big search engines. Celtic Creek got tired of doing internet searches and not finding local providers. Instead if you are looking for a feed store in Driggs Idaho you are more likely to locate a feed store in Salt Lake City or somewhere in NJ. We offer free back links for any business located within 100 Miles Of Celtic Creek Trading Company. We take pride in the listing of quality sites. However, we avoid low quality, scam, maleware and phising websites. Thank you
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Celtic Creek Trading Company - CCTC
1649 N. Hwy. 33 Driggs, Id. 83422
phone iconTel:1-208-963-6925
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